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Express Expert

Steering your business through current market conditions is perhaps the biggest challenge you will face as a small business owner. 

Express Expert is a short coaching series for small business owners to gain quick access to experts, and get your post-lockdown business plan on track.

VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS Highly practical virtual workshops in: Resilience & Leadership; Financial Planning; and Strategic Foresight.

ONE-ON-ONE COACHING & ADVICE Entrepreneurs will be paired with a business coach and accountant, in line with their business challenges, for one-on-one video-conference consultations.

The programme is fully sponsored by the UK-South Africa Tech Hub, and delivered by the Fraser Consulting team. 

Applications close 19 June 2020, programme starts the first week of July. 

Who are the experts?
Entrepreneurs will be matched with an internationally qualified business coach from Factor 10 Consulting. Entrepreneurs will also be matched with an experienced accountant for advice on specific issues relating to cash flow management, relief funding, etc from The Beancounter

Who should apply:
Applications are open for founders or owners of tech or tech-enabled businesses based in South Africa whose business has been negatively affected by Covid-19.

Applications close 19 June.

To find out more about the UK-South Africa Tech hub – follow them on Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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